…of ‘this ‘n that’ & ‘Carnival’…


…”‘Artificial earthquake’ detected in North Korea was hydrogen bomb test, country says”…”University professor loses class after asking students to sign form allowing offensive language”…”Video captures dramatic rescue of skiers & snowboarders stuck in BC
mountain gondola”…

All in a Wednesday good morning’s headlines from near & afar…

Apparently at the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, “the future of tech gadgets looks a lot like the old days.”

Camcorders and turntables, all be it, with the latest technologies, are some of the newest roll outs.

Did you know that today ‘officially’ marks the beginning of ‘Carnival’ season??!!…

‘Tis the season that runs now until the beginning of Lent or Shrove Tuesday better known by many as ‘Pancake Tuesday’ just before ‘Ash Wednesday’.

Canada traditionally sees the Quebec Winter Carnival & the Ottawa-Gatineau region’s ‘Winterlude’ as part of these world wide Carnival celebrations in January and February!

Activities vary depending on weather conditions!…


Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday that will have you thinking about more ‘fete’ & ‘feasting’ !!!

Life be celebrated, joys we live!


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