…of fog & the 9th day of Christmas…


Well, the New Year’s eve & New Year’s Day festivities have come and gone for another year!

Vancouver’s annual Polar Bear swim saw many brave the chilly waters of English Bay under beautiful sunshine & blue sky.

A stretch of cold & crisp wintry days with an abundance of snow on the mountains has our city experiencing a second day of an eerie, mysterious morning fog that envelops the towering condos of the downtown core.

A typical inversion, the meteorologists call it.


Festive Season! Christmastide! A new year! …All elements of a ‘time’ to be spirited! To celebrate life!

In our hopes for peace, joy, & love in our world, the 9 ladies dancing can be encouragement to ‘dance the dance of life’ together with compassion & mutual respect in all we do!

I think this smiles wonderfully, all the possibilities in it! :

And listen for the 9th day!:

Cheers to a 1st rate first Saturday of 2016 that sings—spirited !!!



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