…of skate, dine, ‘inocentadas’ & calling birds…


…”Climate exchange: Toronto tops Vancouver for hottest Canadian Christmas Eve on record”…”Vancouver Dining Trends in 2015: The good, the bad, and the annoying”…”

‘Picture this!’, skaters in short sleeves in front of Toronto’s City hall on Christmas eve as temperatures hovered at 15.4C.

Something about “dumbing down Asian-bad”, “simple seafood-good”, and “no coat racks-annoying”.

Do you have any restaurant hang ups?!…

I think we’re blessed to have the ever increasing variety of great places to wine & dine & enjoy our city’s hospitality with friends, colleagues, and loved ones alike for all types of occasions!

Salut to 2016!

Did you know that today, December 28th is also known as ‘Childermas‘ or ‘Feast of the Holy Innocents’ ?!

In Spain & Latin America, the ‘feast’ is celebrated with pranks (inocentadas) similar to April Fool’s day!

Cheers to a day of lightheartedness on this ‘4th day of Christmas’ also!

Did you know that the ‘four calling birds’ in the popular song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ represent the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John?!


Cheers to a FineFinal Monday of 2015 that sings!!!

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