….of ayre & air…


As today’s Google doodle celebrates Beethoven’s 245th year amidst the Festive Season frenzy and Star Wars hype, it’s seem a ‘Disney’ of money making opportunities keeps the world’s economies bustling with activity beyond the slowdowns in the oil patch.

…”Ten ways to skip your workout but still exercise during the holidays”…”Star Wars robots, new & old lead the toy parade”…”Selling bottled Lake Louise air started as a joke but ‘there’s actually a lot of demand'”…

Can you believe it folks?…An Edmonton company, VitalityAir has started selling various sized cans of pressurized Lake Louise and Banff sourced air. Apparently the stuff is tested by a local lab for maximum purity.

“A bottle containing 7.7 litres of Lake Louise air retails for $32 online, comes with an attached breathing mask and promises “upwards of 150 inhalations.
The label touts the air’s assistance in “exam prep,” “recovery” and “training,” although a disclaimer notes that Vitality Air is not meant for “curing, treating or preventing any diseases or disorders.”


So there you have it!

Just a few tidbits from today’s news to go with your Timbits!…

Whatever’s made it’s way onto your Festive Season agenda for the Thursday that’s a week before Christmas Eve, may there be much melody in it that sings–ayre on the side of caution and in all you do may it be a fresh ‘blast’ !!!

‘Sixth sense’ ‘Sixth symphony’ kinda day!

Sensational saunter!



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