…of country, cities, & the crisis of our times…


…”How well do you really know your country?”…”Where is the world’s most polluted city?”…”The plight of refugees is the crisis of our times”…

SOMETHING ABOUT “the gap between what we know and reality. Researchers say most people around the world are pretty bad at knowing the statistics behind the news.”

SOMETHING ABOUT “the sparse coverage of official data means many cities are not even monitored. Scarily, outdoor air pollution kills more than 3.3 million people, mostly in cities every year. That’s more than HIV, malaria, & influenza combined.”

SOMETHING ABOUT “this ‘crisis of our times’ being a test of our values, our spirit, our ingenuity, and our generosity. The unprecedented flight of men, women and children from the war in Syria has captured the world’s attention, while around the globe there are 20 million people seeking sanctuary from war and oppression, in search of a life worth living. Most have fled to countries which are themselves poor and unstable. More than one million of the most vulnerable urgently need resettling.”

If there’s anything to be gleaned by these headlines in the spirit of our ‘festive season’, it most certainly could be about light and looking outwardly with a focus on hope, peace, joy, and love for all.

Let’s be alert with compassion.

Let’s be awake to what we ourselves might and can do.

Let there be light!



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