…of ‘move’, ‘moves’ & ‘moved’…a December prayer…


…”Union-Pearson Express train to reduce some fares as ridership flatlines”…”Maybe karate wasn’t the right middle-age exercise for me”…

Seems odd to me that a one-way fare from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to downtown is $ 27.50 on the city’s new UPExpress train, when you can go from Vancouver’s airport to the centre of the city on Skytrain for less than $ 6.00.

Some reduced fares to $ 19.00 one-way or at certain times, 2 for 1 at $ 22.50 doesn’t strike me that it’s likely to see substantially more seats occupied.

Cheers to a re-think that will sing– ALL aboard!…ride on!


Now that’s a headline that would apply to me for sure! “Middle-age?” some might query, & quip “beyond beyond beyond”…

In the touch of a friend, in the breath of a child,
In the eyes of a soldier coming home to his mother’s grateful smile,
In the sight of falling snow, and the memories it brings,
In the season when you find some peace, in the simple tender things,
Open your heart and look around, listen listen

Hear the song within the silence,
See the beauty when there’s nothing there,
Sing a song within a silence that hope and love are everywhere,
And when the quiet night is falling watch an angel dancing in the air
To the song, the song within the silence a December Prayer,
A December Prayer.

In the strength of your hand as it holds unto mine,
And the promise that we’re not alone in this place and time,
In the gifts that you give I am humbled and amazed
Far beyond this day and time of year
We are in a state of grace.
Open your heart and look around, listen listen…

Cheers to a hear the song within the silence kinda December!…




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