…of ‘Black Friday’,’waiting’, & begin it now!…


‘Tis the Season of ‘shopping’ & “Come Thou Long Expected…..”

That’s right, friends in NewYorkCity yesterday were telling me that at 8pm after finishing their Thanksgiving feasting, some invitees were heading out early to line up for Black Friday deals!!

Is there any ‘good deal’ you want so badly that you’d line up overnight to just
get a chance at a prime purchase of a coveted item?!…

No thank you would be my swift reaction!

‘To each his own’ the still small voice of ‘keep an open mind’ whispers on…

So here we are with the Advent Season once again upon us!

How swiftly the year seems to have flown by!

World events have too often been shocking & troubling!

Cynics among us can so easily, in our desensitized state, roll our eyes & think what’s next?!…

“whatever”, “oh well”, “not in my backyard”

As the Christian season of Advent begins this coming Sunday with Advent I, I’d like to gently suggest to all, no matter what faith tradition or beliefs or factors set your compass, to give some thought to how one can be more loving, see hope growing, find joy blooming, & feel peace illuminating our world.

Begin it now!

Cheers to a fine Friday & FestiveSeason that sings–ADVENTure in peace hope joy & love!



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