…of ‘carry on’…




…”Hollande promises France will remain a country of freedom”…”Trudeau’s reputation as ‘hottie’ unlikely to harm him”…”Weak loonie changes holiday plans of sun seekers”…”USA nervously watches Canada’s massive refugee plan”…

All in a day’s headlines at Canada’s ‘The Star‘ largest newspaper daily….

SOMETHING ABOUT fears of the Canadian border, a gateway for terror…

SOMETHING ABOUT Canadians not giving up their trips south but some are going for a shorter time or staying at all-inclusive resorts…

SOMETHING ABOUT “the image mavens in the Prime Minister’s Office must be over the moon these days. It seems people near and far simply can’t get enough of new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Just two weeks in office and globetrotting on his world debut, the country’s famously well-coiffed prime minister seems to be everywhere.
He is reportedly appearing in a forthcoming spread in Vogue magazine, a publication that has already hailed him as “Canada’s Feminist Prime Minister.”
He has prompted a #ThanksTrudeau hashtag in which people blame him, tongue in cheek, for everything from broken fingernails to ketchupless french fries.”

SOMETHING ABOUT promising France will remain a country of freedom and has a duty to welcome refugees. “Life should resume fully,” said Hollande. “What would France be without its museums, without its terraces, its concerts, its sports competitions? France should remain as it is. Our duty is to carry on our lives.”

Cheers to a Thursday that sings–THRIVE & an unending chorus that crescendos–CARRY ON!!!

‘LOVE’ for our world. Carry on!


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