…of ‘mug up’, ‘stack up’, & ‘stuffed up’…



…”Tim Hortons’ cost-cutting efforts could dispose of porcelain mugs”…” ‘Armchair woodchoppers ‘ make DiY timber guide surprise bestseller”…”Everything you need to know about colds (but were too stuffed up to ask)”…

If it ain’t Starbucks and their ‘seasonal cups’ that are in the news, then it’s gotta be Tim’s, where the ever-increasing politically-correct or cost-cutting measures meet the minds of management.

As sure as the rains in Vancouver folks, when it comes to coffee, let’s just, in-a-sustainable-stance sing–pour on!

A fun headline in the UK media expounds “A practical guide to chopping, stacking and burning wood the Norwegian way, detailing everything from the drying time of a birch tree felled in winter to the correct sharpening of a chainsaw, has caught the imagination of British readers and is setting bestseller lists on fire.”

Apparently the ‘common cold’ accounts for 27 million days off work a year in the UK alone, not to mention, the multi-millions it must be for around the world!

The fact of the matter seems to be “colds aren’t dangerous to most people, but they can be very unpleasant even though they last only a few days. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about them.”

So as the festive season rapidly approaches amidst the angst of turmoil in our world….on this mid-month November Monday, take a few deep breaths, savor the flavour of your tea & coffee, and dare I suggest each of us giving some thought to what we might do for not only others, near and far, but for ourselves too, that will find us singing—TODAY is stacking up to be a fine day!



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