…of admissions, asbestos, & fido…



…”Admissions 101: Why getting into university is no longer all about getting good grades”…”Vancouver workers face asbestos dangers with quick demolition jobs”…”Will having a pet make your child healthier?”…

Apparently, “in the high-stakes world of university admissions, the days of selecting students based solely on their grades have gone the way of cursive writing. Whether in engineering, business or medicine, at the undergraduate or graduate levels, applicants are being asked, through personal essays and video statements, to riff on their volunteer work and values, hobbies and world views — something that conveys their non-academic bonafides.”

More about these new trends in applications says they are an attempt to humanize the application process…

Words of ‘caution & take care’ need to be heeded in the rush to re-building in Vancouver’s ongoing housing boom, it seems…

A tail wagging pediatric study recently released shows that “children who had a dog in their first year of life were 13% less likely to develop asthma by the time they were six than those from dog-free households.”

Whatever’s up for your Monday…….Cheers to an ‘off-leash’ kinda day!!!



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