…of #s, ‘Like’s, & brewskies…



…”No more skipping 4,13,14,24 in Vancouver floor numbers”…”Twitter ditches ‘favourite’ star for heart-shaped ‘Like’ button”…”Climate change blamed for putting Belgian beer business at risk”…

Cheers to all in a day’s ‘profundities’ !!!…

Vancouver “has long accommodated superstitious by allowing certain floor numbers, suite numbers and addresses to be hidden or not used at all.” It seems the major issue was that the number 4 sounds like “death” in Cantonese & Mandarin as is preferred to be avoided.

Now the city, “increasingly worried about the potential for confusion among first responders, and the consequences of emergency providers misjudging floors, has called a halt.”

All ‘atwitter’ quips–if you say so! ““You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favourite,” the company said Tuesday in a blog post. “The heart, in contrast, is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures and time zones.”

It seems unusually warm autumns are meaning traditional open air brewing can no longer take place “causing concern for Belgian artisan brewers that say their business is losing its fizz.”

Traditional cooling in the open air becoming an increasingly frequent problem, apparently.

Tradition dictates that the fermentation mixture must be left to cool “in the open air so that it is naturally infused with the wild yeasts present in the air”, said Van Roy, whose great grandfather founded the Cantillon brewery in 1900.

“Ideally it must cool at between minus 3C and 8C. But climate change has been notable in the last 20 years. My grandfather 50 years ago brewed from mid-October until May – but I’ve never done that in my life, and I am in my 15th season.The brewing period is getting shorter every year, he added.”

Whatever comes your way this wild, wacky, wonderful, new era in Canadian politics Wednesday, cheers to a sunrise to sunset time that sings–enlightening!!



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