…of whining & dining & trivial…

24 Sussex Feature 20151026pm2


…”WHO’s afraid of a full English breakfast?”…”‘I think we overdid the frugality’: Prime
Ministers scored points by pinching pennies at 24 Sussex”…”Mathematicians prove the triviality of English”…

It seems a BC Fraser Valley cafe packs plates with sausages, back bacon, eggs, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms—and no preservatives!

The cafe owner is described as sounding like “an excited cast member of Coronation Street!”
“Her jolly chef demeanour, combined with other to-die for dishes like steak and Guinness pie, haggis and black pudding (pig’s blood, oats and bacon) has people from all over driving to her operation, tucked in a strip mall along Vedder Road.”

‘Jolly good!’, I say. Cheers to a spot of tea, dried toast in a rack, & British delight!
Fear not!

Apparently, John Diefenbaker added an air-raid shelter, Pierre Trudeau updated the kitchen, and Brian Mulroney installed the hot tub, but since then decades of neglect have left our country’s ‘first reaidence’ ready for major upgrades before our next Prime Minister will take up residence!

Cheers to let’s get going on it and stop the whining so invited guests will soon once again be able to hear—soup’s on eh!


Did you know that many words in the english language are ‘homophones’?

No not some inclusive smartphone, but words that sound the same but are spelled differently.
(ie. isle & aisle)

“If we write this as AISLE = ISLE and consider it to be an equation in algebra – as in A x I x S x L x E = I x S x L x E – we can simplify the equation by dividing both sides by ‘ISLE’, which are the letters common to both sides:


Which cancels out to A = 1

In other words, if we understand the alphabet as algebra, we can prove the value of A is equal to 1.”

What of the letters from B to Z?

A group of mathematicians apparently, recently proved that every letter of the alphabet can be reduced to 1.

Here’s B and C:


So B = 1

In order to prove that C = 1 we need to first show that S = 1:


So S = 1


S = C

So C = 1

To paraphrase: if the letters of the alphabet are a group (in the strict mathematical sense) then this group is the “trivial group” in which every element is equal to 1.

Alighty then, what can be say about all this other than—Cheers to a thrilling Thursday that’s far from trivial !!!

Spot on!



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