…of ‘bacon’, ’email’, & ‘spooktacular’…



…”Vancouver sausage maker says World Health Organization(WHO) cancer study is baloney”…”Email bungle frustrates privacy watchdog”…”Tis the season for spook”…

All in a day’s discussion of a report that outlines “risks” & “hazards”. Everything in moderation, Mom used to say!

Apparently, lost data from the failure to backup thousands of messages properly is hampering a British Columbia privacy investigation.
It seems Hillary you aren’t alone in email controversy as BC’s government reportedly has a culture of deleting emails to circumvent requests for information under the Access to Information Act.

And so it goes.

As soon as Canadian Thanksgiving was over, a next trip to Vancouver’s Pacific Centre & it was very evident that Hallowe’en and frightfully Christmas too, is ‘just around the corner.’

Vancouver retailer ‘Hallowe’en Alley’ & the ‘Hallowe’en Lady’ Tanya Nahal, pictured here, are in the midst of boom time for their business. Reportedly, Hallowe’en is a labour of love for custom costume designer, Tanya!

Cheers to a ‘spooktacular’ upcoming Hallowe’en y’all!

And as today is both Flag Day in Greece & World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, yes that’s right……

The main objectives of designating the date of 27 October were listed by UNESCO:

raising public awareness of the need for preservation;
providing opportunities to celebrate specific local, national or international aspects of the heritage;
highlighting the accessibility of archives;
attracting media attention to heritage issues;
raising the cultural status of audiovisual heritage;
highlighting audiovisual heritage in danger, especially in developing countries.

…….a resounding look, see & listen smiles—have a great Tuesday!



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