….of internet, Hallowe’en, & ‘Hello’…


…”Canadians shelling out more for wireless, internet packages as video streaming takes off”…”I couldn’t find a Hallowe’en costume for my daughter that wasn’t sexy”…”Adele’s new single– “Hello”–striking, witty & lovelorn”…

It seems “Canadians are paying more for their communications services in a trend driven by increased spending on wireless and Internet packages amid the growing popularity of video streaming services like Netflix.
In a report issued Thursday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said households spent an average of $203 per month on their communication services in 2014, up about $12 per month — or 6.2 per cent — from 2013.”

An article today quips – “The sexification of Halloween has been in full swing for a while – why on earth should small, aspiring Cheshire Cats be left out?”

And you can hear Adele’s “Hello” here!:

Cheers to a meeting & greeting & festive kinda Friday that sings—-Hello !!!



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