…of plane, choice & points to ponder…


…”Want to watch a film on a plane? Bring your tablet, say airlines”…”The misery of choice: too many options making us stressed”…”BC Mom’s letter to Justin Trudeau goes viral”…

Something about “Grab your ipPads, travellers. The in-flight TV screen is set to become a thing of the past on long-haul flights from the UK, with airlines claiming that passengers would prefer to watch films on their smartphones and tablets.”

It seems we think the more choices we have the better but actually too many options are apparently creating anxiety and leaving us less satisfied, according to a recent study.

Oh the burdens of choice!…

And here are the British Columbia Mom’s ten points to ponder!:

1. Get real about your win. Accept it with humility and modesty, and treat your fellow left politicians with respect and gratitude, for it is THEIR supporters who got you here with your sweeping majority, and not your own.

2. Change our electoral system. Be brave enough to see the big picture and not just for whom our voting system will immediately benefit. Be strong enough to face those that disagree or may lose their roles because a better system is needed for the health of our country. Be the one to recreate what democracy is in Canada. You have the chance to make history for your Trudeau name (round two), and what a magical gift that is … to have the ability to create a legacy.

3. Rebuild Canada’s name on the world stage. I was once proud to sew my flag on my backpack. Now, I’m ashamed of my country. We can become peacekeepers again. We can be examples to the world of how we educate our youth, support our vulnerable people, and protect our mountain streams. We can disagree with the united states and we don’t have to be business partners with countries that commit horrific crimes against humanity. We can be a world leader in more ways than one.

4. Please don’t be bought. Your rewards for strength of character, your ethics, and being a true voice for Canada’s people today and 100 years from now will bring you far greater reward. Turn your back to those companies and lobbyists that think they can buy you (and Canada) in exchange for decisions that financially reward a few today and hurt people for generations.

5. Protect our rare and natural resources and don’t get caught in the jargon. Climate Change, global warming, carbon emissions … the jargon is divisive. There are certain decisions that clearly DO destroy this blue planet upon which we survive, and those that don’t. I recognize the harvesting of our forests, minerals, metals and oil bring jobs and money to our country, but consider moderation, balance, and sustainable practices, instead of debating the validity of the “climate change” phrase.

6. Related to #5 above, but worthy of its own number … please create fair subsidy practices. Either stop subsidizing oil, or start subsidizing energy alternatives. Refer to #4.

7. Support science. Rebuild our libraries and the information learned from thousands of reputable, skilled scientists over decades in Canada. Support a system to archive this information rather than destroy it.

8. Support an unbiased public information forum. Maybe this is the CBC. Maybe not. But probably … yes … the CBC. I’m guessing a truly democratic country thrives on the sharing of information that is non-partisan, non-religious, non-corporate, for the benefit of having an educated, engaged populace. Refer to #4.

9. Listen and communicate in real ways — no political mumbo jumbo say-nothing jibberjabber. We’re all just people, and we all deserve to be spoken to with honesty and respect, even if it’s not decisions we agree with. We’re talking inclusion, veterans, aboriginal women, veterans, jobs, refugees, pot, the justice system, the TPP, pipelines, health care, the senate and government corruption. And it doesn’t stop there. Good luck, but a good start is always good communication.

10. Bill C-51. Fix that thing. That’s like a bad sci-fi movie happening in real life. I can’t believe you voted for that in the first place. Refer to #3.

And so it goes on an Autumn Thursday!…

Make it a fine one!



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