…of voting, heredity, & yodel…



…”The psychology of voting: why you’re not as a rational as you think”…”What your father did–and what he ate–before you were born could influence your future”…”Yes the Swiss really do yodel to welcome cattle back from the Alpine pastures”…

Something about “a natural tendency to punish incumbents, unconscious bias, negativity, offspring influence, our minds are already made up, & lowest common denominator.”

And so it goes….if you didn’t vote in the advance polls, be sure to get out and vote Oct 19th!…

Something about “epigenics.” “It is still early days in this field of research but if these processes are relevant to humans the consequences may be significant. Traits that we once thought were inevitable could be modifiable and what we do in life may have implications not only for our own health but also potentially the health of our children and even our grandchildren.”

Cheers to like father like son/daughter!…

Something about “cowbells & yodelling and ceremonies, known as Alpabzug, Alpabfahrt or the Desalpe, that still mark sutumn season in a country of deeply rooted agricultural traditions. The redolent Appenzeller cheese is everywhere, and the smell of it roasted to melting draws a long line of fans for raclette – bubbling, crusty cheese scraped onto slices of bread. It’s another tradition that clearly has a long life ahead.”


Be it pizza, macaroni, raclette or fondue—cheers to a cheesy kinda day!!!


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