…of ‘Blue Jays’, ‘Canadian’ & gratitude eh!…



…”Toronto BlueJays look like their old selves again after 2 wins push AmericanLeagueDivisionSeries to Game 5 Wednesday”…”According to Stephen Harper there are two types of Canadians”…”The science of gratitude: As we age, out brains get better a feeling thankful”…

Go Jays Go !!! Wednesday excitement is heating up in Toronto as the Jays will battle it out with the Texas Rangers. Batter up!

Hmmm…two types of Canadians?…yikes

“There are important issues in this election campaign. The parties differ markedly on some, and not on others. We can choose among different approaches to economic growth, environment protection, refugee policy, parliamentary reform. It may be hard to see the differences sometimes through the noise of partisan rancour. But it’s an election, not a tea party.
All except for this. The notion that what this country needs now is a politics that punishes cultural and religious difference, that classifies us into different categories of citizens, is profoundly wrong. It is, in fact, un-Canadian. We must reject it.”
-Geoff Plant

Apparently, work on the neuroscience of gratitude is an uncharted area but a recent study is taking a closer look at how the brain processes gratitude and its secret to living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Cheers to ‘enough life experiences’ as we age, to recognize our blessings!

Whatever’s up for your post Canadian Thanksgiving weekdays ahead, cheers to the Canadian way in all things, eh?!?!…..




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