…of bogs, ‘sophistication’, & pecan pumpkin squares…



…”Cranberry harvest in full swing in Richmond fields”…”If high-end shopping is any barometer of sophistication, Vancouver has arrived”…”Three Pecan Pumpkin squares might even be more delicious than pie”…

Cranberry farming —“a pretty sight from a distance, but a strenuous task for workers who wade in”, they say. BC’s 6,500 acres of cranberry bogs puts our province 4th in company Ocean Spray’s North American production!”

Sophistication —“high-end shopping” ????…if you say so!

Pecan pumpkin squares —“similar to pumpkin butter tarts, sweet, spicy & look attractive!”

As Canadians gear up for a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, in-these-here-parts of British Columbia, we’re expecting a deluge of wet weather & stormy seas.

If you’re eligible to vote on October 19th’s Canada election, take note that today is the first day of advance polls. Perhaps you could take advantage of that and get out and vote and avoid the crowds!


Cheers to a fine festive Friday & weekend that smiles—‘Oktoberfest’ & sings—thanks be!


Happy Thanksgiving all !!!


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