…of ‘culture’ & nuts…


…”Cheese made from cashews shreds the competition”…”Harper’s culture war seems to have defined Tory campaign”…”Seven mouthwatering turkey-less mains”…

All in an October Wednesday’s headlines that seem to scream—nuts!

Apparently, east of Ottawa’s Fauxmagerie Zengarry “has experimented with various ‘culture’ recipes and fermenting techniques to perfect vegan cheeses made with raw organic cashews, probiotics and other ingredients, such as coconut oil and fresh herbs and has sold more than 9,000 cheeses last year through health-food stores in Ontario and Quebec”.

As the home stretch of the prolonged Canadian election campaign is in its final frenzy, it seems thoughts of niqabs, dual citizens, and terrorism & all its divisiveness stick in one’s mind about the Tory campaign.
Economy & taxation, backbones of the agenda for the future?…Canadians might think twice about that to the question–are you sure?!….

A turkey-less thanksgiving????!!!

Some might quip, that’s enough to have Grandma turning over in her grave!

Brined pork chops with apple ginger sauce and farro

Filet of beef with lemon and walnut stuffing

Potato bacon cheddar tart

Vegan mushroom risotto: All of the richness and flavour of butter, cream and meat can be achieved using alternatives

Lamb and mushroom pie

Cornish hens with apricot mustard sauce

Duck breasts with cranberries: A non-traditional alternative for a smaller Thanksgiving dinner

Wow!…..they all sound simply delicious & would indeed sing—thanks be!

Whatever might be on your Wednesday agenda, cheers to electing for a flavour full day!!!




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