…of ’21st century phenomena & ‘monetizing’…



…”No more ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’? Ontario looks at gender neutral changes to government forms”…”I hired a friend to sing at my wedding and she bailed at the last minute, should I let it go?”…”Apple predicts sales of iPhone 6S will break records; Facebook site is making more and more money off you. Should you be paid?”…

It seems ‘parent’ or ‘guardian’ instead of ‘mother & father’ is all about “creating a more inclusive environment in a world where there are many kinds of families.”

Just one of many all-in-a-21st century-day’s considerations in our ever changing world!…
It seems a tale of ‘she-was-not-meant-to-be-among-you’ can be overcome by a happy couple, much like many of life’s challenges where “there is love!”

It seems the launch of iPhone 6S starts at 8am around the world with yet another anticipated frenzy! In some locales, coffee will be handed out to those who’ve waited overnight! Some might quip– a nice touch, adding java to the marketing script!

It seems advertising revenue generated by the average facebook user is up 20%. Another 21st century phenomenon that has social media moguls ruminating over all things ‘monetizing’

Cheers to a fine final Friday of September that sings—may your Oktober be a fest!!!


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