…of simplicity, groceries, & ‘give-a-toss’…



…”Pope Francis walks past armoured SUVs waiting for him at US airport, gets into tiny, grey Fiat instead” …”How to cut your monthly grocery bill in half”…”11, 17, or middle age: At what age do you feel most confident?”…

Something about a picture’s worth a thousand words–“simplicity, conservatism, and rejection of today’s consumerist lifestyle”

Something aboutshop less often, bring a calculator, pay with cash, shop the ads and use coupons, shop the perimeter, buy less meat, go generic, stock up seasonally, eat produce in order, & go homemade.”

Something about a study that found “self belief in young people peaks at age 11, while self-doubt is strongest at 17.”

Interesting to note that some folks said, “middle age-the mistakes and missteps have mounted up and it has become clear that none of them were terminal; at 11 I had enthusiasm and hope for the future; when I was 15 and 16 everything felt good, even me; I don’t yet feel confident-but now I don’t let this stop me; the older I get the more confident I am. Because I don’t give a toss about what anyone thinks.”

Cheers to an economical ‘my-grocery-cart’s-half-full’ kinda day that sings–confidence & simplicity!!

Your fearless thriving Thursday chorus—“it’s a toss up!”



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