…of due care & attention…


…”Seven Scientific facts to ruin childhood”…”From hotels to airports, the butler business is booming”…”More people have died this year while taking selfies than have died in shark attacks”…


1) Mice don’t like cheese.
2) Mermaids almost certainly can’t exist.
3) You can never reach the end of the rainbow.
4) It’s impossible for every young girl to be a princess.
5) Blankets offer no protection whatsoever.
6) A conscious vehicle (Thomas the Tank Engine) would have a hellish existence.
7) Caterpillars die so butterflies can live.


Among those realities, today’s headlines sing—‘the butler will do it!’. The world of the concierge, the ‘butler’, the ‘personal assistant’ is gaining ever increasing popularity in venues everywhere. Amusing tales of pampering & attention abound!
Do you have any funny or unique experiences?…

Amid the pampering and the reality checks of day-to-day living, a jaw dropping attack on complacency screams when doing those incessantly popular ‘selfies’ DO TAKE CARE !!!

So easily we can be detrimentally distracted. Be aware of it! Be careful! Be safe!

Whatever’s on your terrific Tuesday agenda, may you have a picture perfect camera ready kinda day!!!

All smiles now!



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