…of air, economy, & wine…

Photo:  BRIAN SPROUT       9/9/03  Tel:   250.763.6888       Web:  www.briansprout.comt


…”Alberta on track to have worst air quality in Canada, provincial environment minister says”…”There’s a 55% chance China will drag the world into global recession, British economist warns”…”Will the smoke from the Okanagan wildfires affect the flavour of the region’s grapes?”…

It seems it’s all about pollution “from coal fired power plants, oil & gas facilities, & vehicles.”

Apparently, it will be all about “sliding demand from emerging markets, especially China.”
Other emerging markets in Brazil, South Africa, & Russia are already in trouble they say, with lacklustre performance. “Commodity prices, trade and inflation remain sluggish as corporate earnings are slowing.”

Good to know that the answer is “probably not.” “Smoke has mainly stayed clear of the vines. The flames that came close to vineyards in the South Okanagan in August were met with mercifully light winds. This permitted smoke to rise up rather than to move across the land and settle on grapes.”

Cheers to a fine 2015 harvest & flavourful Okanagan wines at their finest!

Of air, economy, & wine sings–fine Friday & weekend dine!!!

Salut to a delicious weekend!



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