…of ‘wild & wacky Wednesday’ & ‘waddle waddle’…


…”Recession data provides new fuel for leaders on campaign trail”…”Oil giants try to stay afloat with job cuts, slashed spending”…”Thousands still without power after Vancouver area windstorm”…

One might quip those headlines read like the dark days of September.

As the PNE & CNE exhibitions, in Vancouver and across Canada in Toronto signify the annual ‘back-to-school’ soon for thousands, the last few days of ‘summer’ seem to be tainted with darker skies and heavier hearts.

Vancouverites, accustomed to rainy weather, can have their spirits buoyed knowing that “Western Canada’s dry weather is expected to continue into fall.”

“Indian summer” it’s often been called, the term with its origins referring to unseasonably warm weather after the first frost and historically, usually at the time of First Nations’ folk fall hunting expeditions.


So, as summer winds down and its last gasp ‘Labour Day weekend’ winds up, what will be
your ‘modus operandi’ ?!?!

Cheers to a wild and wacky Wednesday that whistles wonderful !!!

…a wee 4 minute muse!…

‘Waddle waddle’ !!!


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