…of road signs, new words & sunset on August…


…”Government task force set up to tackle ‘ghastly blight’ of road signs”…”Wine o’clock becomes a word in new Oxford dictionary’s latest update”…

something about “The aesthetics of roads have been neglected, and I do welcome any initiative to make things look better. But there’s no doubt users want clarity – and it is a problem when they get obscured and difficult to read. Some signage is safety or directions, some is advisory and some is advertising, and that clearly has be controlled. But it’s not a straightforward field to get the balance right.”

“Only in UK?” one might quip. “Pity”.

May #TGIF and tea be your intersection!


Yes, the appropriate time of day to start drinking wine is officially known as ‘wine o’clock’.

Interesting to note that ‘Brexit’ and ‘Grexit’ made the list too!

Cheers to the Union of European & British that sings–time for libations!


As the sun sets on August Fridays and weekends, cheers to a sensational summer time that soon sings sunrise on September!!!


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