…of bumps, tomatoes, & Big Ben…


…”Why a 4.5 centimetre-high bump in Vancouver stopped many commuters from going to work”…”The tomato sandwich, the quickest but most delicious August lunch”…”Clockwatchers ticked off as Big Ben’s chimes run six minutes fast”…

Something about a ‘metal plate speed bump’ allowing workers access to do maintenance on expansion joints, caused traffic snarls and delays extreme. Enough to scream, stay home apparently!

Something about fresh french style bread and basil mayo & season’s peak ripe juicy tomatoes smiles–you betcha!

Something about the clock being believed to be out of time for about two weeks as reported by a local radio station!

Interesting to note that in these days of digital, Big Ben is a mechanical clock. Not digital. Not electronic. “It takes a lot of love and care” say those who climb the 344 stairs of Westminster’s Elizabethan Tower three times a week to wind the clock.

Apparently, weather, atmospheric pressure and just being 156 years old can affect the timing.

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday of unexpected recollections that smiles–that rings a bell !!



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