…”Twenty signs you’re on a British holiday”…”Could breakfast beer be the next frontier?”…”Historical school yearbooks resurrected online”…

Something about the ‘ultimate guide’ quipping–weather woes: it’s starting to rain, it’s raining, it’s still raining & brightening things up with a day trip to an historic town!

Wheaties says “it is partnering with a craft brewery to create a limited-edition beer. The 16-ounce cans will only be available in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market starting Aug. 26th.”

Something about this quips—cereal killer!

Apparently “over a century of Canadian high school yearbooks” are now available online through ancestry.ca.

Does that not just sing historical or a chorus of hysterical?!!

Scary thought.

Whatever you’re up to for a fine August Friday and mid-month weekend

…whether or not sunshine, may your disposition be bright!

…’flakes’ or ‘crispies’-NOT, may your breakfast sing bran!

& with the utmost regularity of ‘seasonal sensationals’, may your Friday, Saturday, Sunday be picture perfect!


f3f2An Okanagan fruit market near Karameos, BC.


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