….of ‘Glorious Twelfth’…


“Glorious Twelfth”…

I never knew it but yes indeed today, August 12th, in the UK is the “Glorious Twelfth” known as the start of shooting season for red grouse.

Personally, I have some qualms about hunting/shooting for sport, but other than giving one pause for thought about all the surrounding considerations, one doesn’t have to look too far to see many perhaps more important issues at which to take aim!…

I’m not someone who particularly enjoys shopping. Once in awhile a browse here and there at some interesting shops but most often if there is a need for something specific I am just on a mission to get it and be out of the milieu of consumerism as quickly as possible!

Having said that, I’ve lived long enough to know that even if not in the ‘buying’ frame of mind, that if I see something I like, I should get it then and there as in the future, far too often, when I am actually hunting for that same thing or type of thing, I can rarely find what’s suitable, let alone something that really has one thinking fancy that!

Yesterday I learned that a crony’s granddaughter had lost her best friend, last seen amidst the stresses of family international travel at Gatwick Airport.


On a whim, I tweeted a photo of Charlotte’s best buddy to the airport & wow, right away did I ever see the power of social media and the penchant for retweets.
It remains to be seen if the hunt for Charlotte’s best bud will be successful!!

It’s a big wide world that we live in, but how often have we heard each other say “it’s a small world” when we encounter someone we know in far away and unexpected places or learn of connections among each other where ‘communities’ overlap in
sometimes mysterious & intriguing ways?

In the ‘lost’ & ‘found’ of much of this business of day-to-day living there can be so many graces!

Whether it be a ‘lost’ or ‘found’ kinda day for you this ‘Glorious Twelfth’ summer Wednesday, cheers to happy hunting!!!


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