…of A,B,C & ‘to do’ and climb & climate…


…”Google to be owned by new company called A l p h a b e t “…”How to stop to do-lists from ruining your life”…”Western Canadian ski resorts prepare for warmer future with via ferrata”…

Some might sing–A B C, what’s that all about?!…

Something about hand written notes having more impact than diary/calendar entries in your smartphone…

Do you need a reminder to use your reminder app?!….

Cheers to tisk for task!

“Via Ferrata”, that’s a new one to me! Apparently it’s a system of “cables and rungs that offers a quick and accessible path to satisfy the majestic pull of the mountains for avid mountain climbers.”

So it seems with global warming, as ski conditions deteriorate the idea of mountain climbing is going to get more promotion and encouragement!

As glaciers retreat, cheers to “carefree climbing in terrain we love!”

Whatever may be your summer Tuesday agenda, cheers to a resourceful day!



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