…of agenda/attendance, marmite, & frequency…


…”‘No agenda, no attenda’: 5 hacks to avoid the unproductive-meeting trap”…”The great Marmite conspiracy: has it secretly changed its recipe?”…”Font of knowledge: Kickstarter campaign underway to turn Albert Einstein handwriting style into typeface”…

Something about focus & efficiency…now those seem like two good priorities for a Monday!…will they ‘meet’ for you?!…

Something about ‘iconic tarry spreads’ for toast & sleuthing to find out what’s going on at the bottom of the jar…inextricable ‘yeast extract’ paste blending they say…

Something about “even if you’re not a genius, you can write like one….”

How’s your own penmanship these days?

I find I actually write with pen or pencil in hand with ever lessening frequency

Does that make me a certain ‘type’?!

As I overheard the other day about a ten-year old asking:


“Why does it matter?”…..

Cheers to a fine August Monday that matters!!!


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