…of underrated, trials, & temptations…


…”Sunshine Coast: One of Canada’s 10 most underrated destinations”…”McDonald’s trials table service in UK as part of major revamp”…

Kayakers & canoers alike, old tv show fans of the Beachcombers & Molly’s Reach in Gibsons, BC, know all about the Sunshine coast.

An area that stretches up to Sechelt & Pender Harbour, indeed its well worth exploration and you’ll find delightful adventures!

Something about “McHappier meal” says “McDonald’s is responding to increased competition in the fast food market by entering the slow lane. The home of the Big Mac and the rapid-fire eating experience is offering table service in the UK for the first time.”

‘If you say so’…..somehow…I don’t think so….

Cheers for a fine summer day!



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