…of ‘stop & go’, let go, & may it be so!…


As the google doodle today honours the first traffic light, what better topic than ‘STOP & GO’ ?!!!!

Our lives are full of stop & go!

Some might say, stop & go, & let go, from the get go…

Life’s just like that!

As cranky young toddlers, probably one of the first things we hear is “stop it!”

By the first day of school, it’s parents encouragingly…..”go!”

And so it goes with roots & wings we head out into the world to make our mark, to experience the chaos, to form part of the ‘new world order’.

And it continues on & on for generations now & to come!

Yes, our lives are full of signals.

Reading them. Being in tune with life. Compassionate.

Some say that’s using our intuition…

How are you at sensing the signals in your day?

Are you caught up in the treadmill of life’s routines & stresses & sometimes oblivious to them? Or is there not much that passes you by in the sensitivities of human interactions in all kinds of situations?

Most of us are probably somewhere in between.

“I had no idea!”

“I wish I’d known!”

“Keep me in the loop!”

We’ve all heard & said these things repeatedly in our lifetimes, I bet.

Somehow they all seem to indicate a reliance on others amidst opportunities for ourselves to do something a little differently in maneuvering the roadways of life.

….Waiting for the light to turn green….

Somewhere. Somehow. Sometime.

Letting go of our self-centered ways perhaps.

Easing up on our pre-conceived notions.

Accelerating or should that be excelling in new perceptive & spontaneous ways of kindness & compassion.

Cheers to a Wednesday and days ahead of may it be so!


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