…of bonsai, bugs, & cheesecake…

<na href=”https://yvrblogger.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/i.jpg”&gt;iBONSAI

…”In training since 1625: How a 390-year old bonsai tree survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima”…”Eight things insects-those unsung heroes-do for us”…”Praise the Lord & pass the cheesecake”…

Interesting to note, the “bonsai” white pine has long outlived its life expectancy and has spent about a tenth of its life at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC.

Apparently those who think “bugs be pests” should think again as the list sings–1) pollination 2) decomposers 3) biological control 4) food for animals 5) food for humans 6) crime fighting forensics 7) environmental indicators & 8) entertainment!



It seems an order of nuns in Cambridge, NY have carved out a niche as bakers to support their New York monastery.

“In the midst of quiet lives of prayer, a handful of nuns have sliced out a niche of high-end cheesecakes, so rich and creamy in flavours of chocolate, amaretto and key lime that they seem downright sinful!”

Cheers to a Tuesday that smiles –stand tall, don’t scratch & life’s decadent desserts-indulge!!!

Forrest quipped–‘life is like a box of chocolates’ !!!

And then there was nun.



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