…of nasty, ghastly & no…


…”Canada’s outlook seen as bleakest since recession, amid oil collapse, global uncertainty”…”Government interest policies have created a mess that will only get worse when they start to rise again”…”Toronto/Vancouver house prices could plunge 30% says economist who predicted crash that never happened”…

Doesn’t all that sing storm clouds as the election writ dissolving the Canadian parliament will be dropped this weekend and Canadians will go to the polls on October 19th after the longest campaign period in Canadian election history!?!…

Meanwhile, the tv pundits seem to be saying ‘enjoy your summer folks’ things are going to get nasty…

One doesn’t have to look very far into the headlines or when channel surfing around news channels to see & hear alot of grim, alarming and appalling.

Summer can be the time to take a break from some of it!

Bury your head into some good books by a lakeside…

Set out on an adventure to exotic or simply undiscovered places…

Sail, swim, cycle.

Learn, lead, live out a dream.

Summer wandering into comforting, delightful & pleasing!

Will there be humming & hilarity in your upcoming long weekend?!!!…

Here’s hoping you can join ‘the chorus’ that will be singing “we have joy we have fun, we have seasons in the sun!…”

Cheers to a fine perspective that shouts YES!!–life, live it!



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