…of food trucks, windows, & fireworks…


…”Keep on Food Trucking: BC’s food trucks struggling to make ends meet”…”Microsoft launches Windows 10, but does anybody care?”…

It seems Vancouver’s food truck industry ain’t the ‘golden ticket‘ to success many, on the surface, thought it would be. Extra costs, location issues, need for commissary kitchens, all sighted as reasons that a catering business on the side to festival & other events over and above the day-to-day location will be the make or break….

Average profit $ 31,300/year in the $50 million dollar industry. 80% turnover rates. Challenging stats!…

How times change! Seems the fanfare over Windows operating system new releases has all but disappeared!
In this year of elections, one could quip ….” & just what is your platform?!”…

Vancouver’s annual summer fireworks festival, the ‘Honda celebration of Light’ kicks off night #2 tonight!
Citizens & tourists alike will be mesmerized by Brazilian flare with their show called ‘Group Vison’!

Will there be fireworks in your Wednesday night?!?!?!….

As it will soon be out with July & in with August, cheers to a fine day that sings—-bewitched, bothered & be-dazzled !!!


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