…of showers, smoke, & mirrors…



…”Lawn sprinkling, car washing banned as Metro Vancouver beefs up water restrictions”…

As Metro Vancouver reservoirs including the Capilano are at all time lows for this time of year, despite pleas for mindfulness, consumption levels are showing little sign of reduction making it necessary for what officials call a “Stage 3 Restriction”.

Apparently commercial car wash facilities can remain open, as they use recycled water.

Meanwhile ‘Gulf Islanders’ are now paying to have water trucked in as wells and creeks are bottoming out on Gabriola & Bowen islands.

Would you adjust your shower from usual to quick?!…VanDusen Garden has hit the panic button as they scramble to keep many treasured plants alive…

Area forecasts are predicting cooler temperatures but still little chance for rain in the next while…

As forest fires continue in the Okanagan, winemakers are on alert about smoke as the grape harvest nears with some varieties ripening at least three weeks ahead of schedule.

Apparently, it’s the red grapes that are more vulnerable to negative effects from smoke that can cause a metallic flavour or necessitate, for some vintners, “a process of ‘stripping down smoke contamination’ that takes away other desirable flavours and richness with it.”

Salut to may only the gouda be smoked, & BC wines remain their finest!

Hey!—speaking about wine & cheese & aging…..when’s the last time you had a lingering look at yourself in the mirror??!!!…

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?”….

Scary thought!….at least for me, such lingering can be frightful as the realities of time marching on are reflectively so startling!!

Now, how to tie all of this up into a profound thought for the day???!!!….

Whatever’s pressing for your terrific summer Tuesday in July, cheers to a ‘wrinkle-free’ kinda day!!

As the blacksmiths like to say—cheers to the irony of it!!!



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