…of return to ‘normal’, tear downs, & summer salad…




…”Banks reopen as Greece eyes return to normal”…”Demolition derby: Vancouver’s old houses are disappearing fast”…

Limited banking returns to Greece today while the stock market remains closed until further notice and a VAT tax on food & public transportation jumps from 13 to 23%.

Cheers to austerity,—may it bring, in the long run, future prosperity!

It seems, faster than they become available, the going rate developers and home builders on Vancouver’s west side are willing to pay for the standard 33 foot lot is $ 2 million and before you can say ‘what a fine neighbourhood’ the bulldozer rolls in for demolition.

Cheers to “astonishingly wasteful”, “the opposite of sustainable”, “old houses like an old wedding band to be melted down for its gold.” Ugh Ugh Ugh

Nothing like a heatwave, patio. & barbecue time to shout– mix it up with some fine summer salads!

Life & summer eats can be a picnic!

Cheers to a fine summer Monday that sings—enjoy some corn with your Cobb !



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