…of heel, heel & healing…



Ever thought about Fridays and weekends, especially summer Fridays & weekends as a time to be extraordinarily adventurous?

A walk in the park, communing with nature?…

Stepping out on the town, in style?…

‘Walkies’ with a dog–heeling techniques?…

It was once said that “high heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead.” -Christopher Morley

It was once said that “to teach a husband basic obedience, you need to spend from 20 to 25 minutes training him every day for ten weeks.” -Amy Sutherland

What better time than some of the curative lazy days of summer or weekend breaks from the treadmill of stressful working lives to make or take a day for rejuvenating & invigorating both mind & body, strengthening & restoring our own attitudes & essence so that our spirits can sing!

Cheers to a fine Friday & weekend that smiles—friends, family & laughter are our best medicine!


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