…of flyby, hot sauce, & equality…


…”NASA’s New Horizons Pluto mission offers a successful ‘Apollo moment for a new generation'”…”Alot like it hot: our relationship with hot sauce is on fire”…”Best and worst places for women in Canada according to survey”…

Amazing to think that a ten year mission to travel nearly five billion kilometres from planet Earth for a close encounter with Pluto can be an ‘Apollo moment’ for a new generation!

As budding scientists await more pictures, mission controllers keep their fingers crossed that spacecraft computer data banks don’t fail.

Cheers to ‘all in a day’s’ imagery! from a Pluto flyby!…

Something about fruit-based blends are what’s hot in hot sauce at the moment.

Blueberry & ghost pepper. Green apple & jalopeno. Key lime & pear apparently pairs nicely with fish tacos!

Cheers to “the relationship between millennial eaters and spicy food has gone from flirtation to full-blown love affair over the past few years!”…

“Location, location, location” Canadian styles seems to shout Victoria, BC’s the best place to be a woman in Canada, while Ontario’s Kitchener-Waterloo may be the worst! Gender gaps in wage equality & employment levels are sighted as the major reason by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Apparently, women in K-W only earn 66% of what their male counterparts do in the twin cities. Yikes.

Cheers to equilibrium, life balance, & equality!

As our orbit with July spins–mid-month already!, cheers to summer’s over–NOT YET!!!


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