…of museums, Northwest Passage & true north, strong & free…


…”Museum’s exhibit sails through Northwest Passage to Nunavut”…”Charcoal or propane: Which makes food taste best on the barbecue?”…

Fun to see that the Vancouver Maritime Museum‘s travelling exhibit ‘Across the Top of the World: The Quest for the Northwest Passage’ will make its way later this summer to Pond Inlet & Cambridge Bay in Nunavut. A partnership effort with OneOcean Expeditions apparently:

What a once-in-a-lifetime excursion that sounds like it would be!!!…

Don’t miss the Museum of Vancouver‘s (MOV) exhibit ‘Arctic Adaptations’ too that launches October 8th!….

An article on the do’s & don’ts of propane & charcoal reads like a science lesson!

From ‘The Big Green Egg’ “Cadillac” of barbecues to charcoals & woodchips, fruit & nut wood pellets to ‘binchotan’, briquettes & propane, there are options galore!

Does keep it simple smile— hibachi ? h

A wee interlude from a Canadian treasure — Stan Rogers….

Cheers to a fine ‘Canadian’ summer Tuesday that sings— ‘true north strong & free’ !!!



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