…of frankfurters, bumblebees, & bliss…


…”Calgary Stampede sells out of Vancouver food truck’s $100 hot dogs”…”Bumblebees facing a catastrophic collapse”…

Something about “if you were hoping to buy a $100 hotdog during the four remaining days of the Calgary Stampede, you’re too late. That’s because the famed foot-long bratwurst, infused with Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac and topped with Kobe beef, lobster and truffles, is sold out for the remainder of the Stampede.”

Alrighty then…

Cheers to the “Dragon Dog” from the DougieDog Diner truck! Takes 45 minutes to prepare, costs $ 90 to make & puts $ 10 into Dougie’s pocket while he likely relishes in the publicity! No doubt he’s enjoyed the–stampede!

A troubling story persists about climate change & the adversity it causes various species of bees, not only in North America, but across Europe too.

A wake-up call to all of us, that some might say frowns–“Honey be….”

And how’s this for a cornucopia of some of today’s other headlines?:

…”Unbridled capitalism is the ‘dung of the devil’ says Pope Francis”…


…”Japan’s new ‘girl band’, average age 84″…


Something about defibrillators close at hand at all sold-out concerts!…

…”Tube services resume after biggest strike since 2002″…


London UK’s commuters & holidaymakers are no doubt relieved to avoid further disruptions!

And so it goes on a fine Friday in July!

What will be your weekend bliss?…



Cheers to an exhilarating Friday & weekend !!!


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