…of haze & uncertainties & ‘for sure’…

stPNG0507 Smoke2.jpg

…”Smoke from wildfires prompts air quality warning for Metro Vancouver”…”Many trees in Vancouver park expected to succumb to drought”…”Greece enters uncharted territory after ‘decisive’ no vote in key bailout referendum”…

Pictures are worth a thousand words & these say it all for folks around downtown Vancouver who need to take care & not over exert themselves in the haze that’s compromised air quality until winds shift or the weather changes significantly.

Take care, be careful!

It seems even the young red cedar & Douglas fir trees planted in New Brighton Park are struggling from a lack of water. The unprecedented drought is taking its toll as news of kids’ water parks closing on Granville Island & in Coal Harbour bring disappointment to parents & progeny alike.

And so it goes in the haze of uncertainties in British Columbia and around the world this July Monday.

Will there be any ‘for sure’ in your Monday?

As ‘Laverne’ liked to say on the famed old tv series—‘Shirley’ you must know me by now!!


Cheers to making your way through your Monday agenda with aplomb & with calm—-slowly & surely!


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