…of ‘take note’, ‘be careful’, & ‘home sweet home’…


…”Report reveals downside of B.C. elevator and escalator use”…”Vancouver real estate inventory squeeze finds buyers panicked, sellers anxious”…”Run-up to election starts with Stampede as leaders launch ‘unofficial’ summer campaign”…

Apparently, in the ups and downs of life, the elevators and escalators of our world can be a very hazardous place.

On the upside, many of these hazards could be significantly reduced if we the populace going through the motions on the treadmills of life gave more care and attention to what we are doing.

Take note, be careful smiles—we rise again!

It’s all about demand and supply. High and low. With it you get frenzy that defies common sense and recklessness.

As the Bank of America says Canada is now in recession and the loonie will take a major hammering, the signs for our economy should be accompanied with yellow cautionary flags.

Take note, be careful, be sensible smiles—and live happily ever after!

Indeed, it’s that time of year again! The Calgary Stampede gets under full swing today through July 12th!

Politics is one tough prickly business. Is it just me or does this media photograph in today’s editions, of cowboy hats black & white not suggest a rogue among two thorns?!?!…
Cheers to policy statements & sound bites, back stabbing & cutting through ‘all the crap’!

Take note, be careful smiles—O Canada, This Is My Home!

As our neighbours to the South enjoy a holiday today for their Independence Day July 4th tomorrow, visits to our province and the summer Alaskan cruise mecca means many USA visitors this weekend and throughout the remainder of summer across our nation.

Take note! sings–be welcoming!

“Side by side and step by step,
Our fathers were marching along;
They were building a road to the future,
With a spade and a smile and a song.

Out of the wildness and out of the sand,
Grew the land that we live in today;
Though the job to be done has barely begun,
There is one thing I’m proud to say.

My country is my cathedral,
The northern sky its dome;
They all call it Canada,
But I call it home.”

The mountains, the lakes and valleys,
Are friends that I have known;
They all call it Canada,
But I call it home.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific,
From the pole to the USA;
We’re a united brotherhood,
And united we will stay.

The people across the border,
And far across the foam;
They all call it Canada,
But I call it home.

-Freddy Grant, 1952

Wherever you may be this fine summer Friday in July, whether afar or in familiar territory, cheers to ‘in the moment’ make it a ‘home sweet home’ kinda day & weekend!



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