….of zip, ‘quite the catch’ & singin’ in the choir!…


…”Testing & heat delays opening of Queen Elizabeth Park zipline”…”Boy, 9, lands Fraser River sturgeon more than twice his size”…

As temperatures soared once again on Vancouver’s Canada Day celebrations yesterday, the much awaited opening of a new attraction at one of our city’s beloved parks & gardens was postponed.

Something about weather permitting & permits! All should be ‘a go’ by Saturday, according to officials!

Talk about excitement for a 9 year old from New Jersey earlier this week!

It seems he & his Dad, avid fishermen visiting British Columbia on a fishing trip, landed the large creature near Chilliwack with a little help from @fishingsturgeon.

Cheers to quite the catch!

Nothing sings summer like hearing the Vancouver Children’s Choir as they are about to embark on tour July 9th to represent Canada at the Rhapsody International Music Festival which will take them to Vienna, Salzburg & Prague.

Here they are singing their hearts out at Canada Place earlier this year on June 17th celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Canadian flag! (1965-2015)

Cheers to a fine summer Thursday that smiles—Sing! Sing! Sing! & resounds CANADA–this is my home!


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