…of Canadian flags, the ‘R’ word, & ‘leap seconds’…




…”Our beautiful Canadian flag turns 50 this year”…”Why Canada’s economy is ‘one numbered removed from the unthinkable’…”‘Leap second’ to pause clocks at midnight as entire planet gains a second”…

Something about economic data for April being released today, could show ‘two straight quarters of economic contraction’ and spell the ‘R’ word—recession.

If that’s the case,—- so much for firmer oil prices, a lower Canadian dollar, and expansion in the United States having a favourable impact on our economy.

As some commentators like to say, indeed this raises some concerns, but in it all, we are reminded that the sun will continue to rise every day!

Bet you didn’t know it either! Apparently, ‘the markets’ and tech companies are braced for glitches as an extra second is introduced into today to “allow atomic clocks to stay in sync with the Earth’s gradually slowing rotation.”

“Leap seconds have been added to the world’s computers around once a year since 1972 – this is the 27th – but this occasion could also be the last. The world’s time keepers are divided over the issue, with some nations arguing that the addition of rogue seconds has become a liability in a world with an increasing number of financial and communications systems reliant on ever greater precision in timing.

The US and France are pushing to abolish leap seconds, with Britain, Russia and China arguing that the technical challenges are manageable.”

And so it goes!…

Whatever’s the spin on your fine final June 2015 summer day—

…may you be energized by & delight in the summer sun,

…may a barbecue or summer feast beckon you with flavourful delights,

…& with confidence & self-assurance in all things, may you hesitate-NEVER to—leap for seconds !!!

…& cheers to enjoy dessert!!!

d3d2Cake with fresh fruits isolated on white background, soft focus


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