…of eCommerce, sticky wings & summer agendas…


…”More and more shoppers are online, so where are the retailers?”…”How to take your chicken wings a step further”…”Heat Wave Expected to turn the province into A/C B.C. this weekend”…

As Vancouverites anticipate the fall opening of a long awaited US retailer’s Nordstrom department store & our suburb Richmond near the airport gears up for the opening of a new high end mall marketplace, it seems some retailers continue to try to make their mark and find their markets with bricks and mortar rather than investing in technology.

It will be interesting to see in this climate of store openings & closings across the land, how eCommerce will fair in the world of sell sell sell.

There’s nothing quite like summer time & patios, or sports bar soccer or people watching
that sings ‘winging it’ !!

That’s right, chicken wings—deep fried & crunchy or grilled on the barbecue and nice and juicy. A ‘foodie’ in today’s media suggests taking them to the next level by poaching and baking and “matching the cooking methods with different sauces.”

Cheers to “sticky wings with Korean barbecue sauce!”

Fun to read that this weekend will be a sizzler for visitors and residents alike in beautiful British Columbia! Saturday and Sunday forecasts suggest many temperature records will be broken around the province.

All hands on deck for sunscreen and hydration!

Cheers to find a pool and be cool!

There are just a few final days left in the school year and this week I’ve heard from several Moms and Dads with school age kids that their ‘parent panic’ is setting in!

Something about the organizing & keeping the kids busy & juggling work and vacation times and alleviating boredom.

Summertime—breezy & easy, I say. Easier said than done perhaps.

What will be your autumn mantra about your Summer of 2015?!!

Do you remember what you did last summer?…

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday & a sensational summer agenda!



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