…of strings attached, ‘Grexit’ & chorizo…


…”Learning the violin at 45 showed me the value of imperfection”…”UK starts planning for ‘serious’ risks of Grexit”…”A mid-week dinner of baked tomatoes & chorizo”…

Cheers to all strings attached smiles–something about gathering around the piano with an accompanying aging Mom & dear old Dad on his harmonica, sings—-BRAVO !!!

Yes that’s right, ‘Grexit’ is the new word for a possible exit of Greece from the Euro zone.

Something about a “convulsion in the Euro zone would have a detrimental effect for all.”

Something about “the point of the dish is partly the juices that collect in the roasting pan, a mixture of the liquid from the tomato and the spicy, paprika-scented fat from the chorizo. Don’t hold back from dipping the bread into it!”

Do you know anyone who likes to fiddle? Dance a jig perhaps? Or maybe lean more towards the classics in an orchestral type setting?

I know a Calgarian that would likely love to do all three, down by the ‘Bow’ river!!

We hear so much talk about climate change these days & up and coming climate summits and who’s in and who’s out.

Somehow the talk of economic climate seems to get swept under the carpet as the world reels from the true predicaments of our overburdened-with-debt economies and seemingly ‘artificial affluence.’

The US economy–no longer the ‘superpower’ that it once was…

China–where the stock market bubble is not just a matter of if it bursts but when

And on and on it goes…

So what are we to make of all this?

In the interests of a positive spin on the day, recognizing the importance of ‘accentuating the positive’ & ‘latching onto the affirmative’ I’ll just suggest saying an enthusiastic
YES to—-sing for your supper!!!

Karaoke anyone?

O solo mio!

Cheers to a ‘yikes’ sorta day! Keep smilin’



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