…of breakfast & trivia…



…”The best way to start the day?: Booze at breakfast”…

It’s told that “Barack Obama enjoyed a beer at breakfast at the G7 summit and a London UK bar is now serving morning wine. From bloody mary to brandy, an early tipple is a fine European tradition.”

Alrighty then, if you say so, however…not sure I’m convinced…although, cheers to the boiled sausages and mustard!…

Terrific Tuesday June 9th smiles it’s the 160th day of the year with 205 remaining! Anniversary of the accesion of King Abdullah (Jordan) to the throne, ‘Autonomy Day’, ‘La Rioja Day’, & National Heroes Day, at various places throughout the world!

Interestingly enough, Queen Elizabeth II officially opened London’s GATWICK airport (LGW) on this date in 1958 and in horseracing it was SECRETARIAT that one the triple-crown in 1973.

Anencephalous – Absence of a brain.

Borborygmus – Stomach rumbling.

Brouhaha – An uproar or noisy response.

Canoodle – Hugging and kissing.

Cantankerous – Bad tempered or grumpy.

Crudivore – Someone who eats raw food.

Discombobulate – To confuse someone.

Doozy – Something really good.

Fartlek – A training system for runners.

Flummox – To perplex or bewilder.

Gobbledygook – Meaningless or nonsensical language.

Kerfuffle – A mild scandal, commotion or fuss.

Klutz – A clumsy or foolish person.

Lickety-split – As quickly as possible.

Lollygag – To dawdle or spend time aimlessly.

Mollycoddle – To treat someone leniently.

Pratfall – A fall on the buttocks or an embarrassing action.

Rambunctious – Uncontrollably excitable or exuberant.

Shenanigan – Silly behaviour.

Skullduggery – Deception or trickery.

A boiled egg every morning is hard to beat.

Without geometry, life is pointless.

She had a photographic memory but never developed it.

Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn’t much, but the reception was brilliant!

Cheers to a terrific Tuesday and remember—-“English might be the most widespread language in the world but there’s still no ham in hamburger, no egg in eggplant and neither pine nor apple in pineapple.”

Fine day!


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