…of stops & starts…


…”How to cook a steak worthy of a TV commercial (grill marks included)”…”The white wine you should be drinking this summer”…”All Toronto subway lines shutdown, no buses running”…

All in day’s headlines seems to indicate the Monday commute is not a good one in Toronto!

Something about computer glitches has halted the city’s public transit.

The stops & starts of life can be frustrating ones at the best of times.

Here’s a kicker for Vancouverites yesterday:

It seems irritated FIFA World Cup soccer fans watching a game on a FOX-TV big-screen in downtown’s Jack Poole Plaza, had the plug pulled mid-game, as the area was not a sanctioned public viewing area! The “authorized area” elsewhere in the city, drew 1,800 enthusiastic fans apparently.

Visitors & residents alike can delight in a forecasted week of fine clear skies sunny weather right through until Friday!

Will there be stops & starts in your week??!!

Cheers to may the going going goingshine!!!



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