…of weather, student accommodation, behind the wheel & ‘be’s’…


…”Southern BC’s weekend weather becoming a hot topic”…”UBC looks to micro suites to meet increasing demand for student housing”…”Summer driving in Vancouver-good luck with that”…

All in a day’s headlines shout fair weather’s on its way!, less is more can be so accommodating & summer life behind the wheel in Vancouver will grimace detours and traffic congestion!

Some might quip the ‘June bug’ is in the air! …Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), summer travels & carryon largesse, and honey bees & bee hotels (Fairmont’s) have all been in the news.

So what might your ‘be’s’ be for a June Thursday of thinkable thankful thriving??!!…






BOLD !!!

Cheers to a focus! focus! focus! kinda day that has you driven to distraction!!!



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